Zero Capital Expenditure

Big investment requirements are typical during a conventional data center build and deployment. That’s how the major data center vendors like it. Submersify’s capital requirement is zero with our innovative cost model offered through our subsidiary Green Computing Initiative. We deploy our solution at no cost and recoup our investment through the energy savings gained. After the contract period expires, customers will own the assets.

Some of our customers opt to purchase the solution outright with the capex being less by 25% to 60%. This is because only a simplified building shell is required eliminating the need for complex air flow. Our existing clients are utilizing prefabricated steel structures and concrete flooring. Less floor space is required because we are able to stack our racks in a multi level configuration.

Additionally, the capital required for power infrastructure is reduced due to the downsizing of the switchyard and halving the gensets and backup batteries. Mechanical infrastructure costs are also reduced drastically due to the elimination of chillers, CRAC, CRAH, filtration, raised flooring, hot/cold aisles and plenum areas.

The cost of Submersify equipment racks and its PDU’s and monitoring systems are included as part of the mechanical infrastructure costs.

50% Lower Operating Expenditure

Data centers grapple with high energy bills which can run into the millions of dollars every month. Because it takes so much less energy to cool our coolant as opposed to air and the absence of server fans, Submersify is capable of reducing overall energy consumption by 50%. This is because we reduce cooling energy costs by 90% and reduce IT equipment energy costs by 15%.

Server Huggers Opex Model

We also offer very attractive ownership models for on premise data center operators who do not wish to move to the cloud. These include outright purchase, leasing, lease to own and energy performance contracting.

50% Lower Carbon Footprint

There are currently 8,000,000 private, commercial and government data centers worldwide and together they constitute 1.6 billion square feet of white space (usable space for ICT equipment). Based on ICT energy consumption of 80 watts per square feet and an average Power Usage Effectiveness (PuE) metric of 2.0 and an estimated 75% capacity utilization, the global data center industry’s carbon footprint stands at a staggering 1.24 billion metric tonnes of CO2. This means that the data center industry contributed 3.3% of the world’s CO2 emissions from the use of fossil fuels in 2014. Submersify is capable of halving the data center industry’s carbon footprint.

8 Hours Disaster Recovery Response Time

In traditional data centers, support staff have 8 minutes to respond to a cooling failure before ICT equipment face a catastrophic failure. Submersify support staff have up to 8 hours to get cooling running again without any impact on ICT performance.

80% Faster Deployment

Traditional data centers take 12 to 18 months to build where else Submersify data centers are designed, built and deployed in 3 months.

30% Less Equipment Failure

Conventional data centers face constant server failures due to micro-arching, vibrations and overheating due to dust hot spots. Submersify eliminates these issues hence our customers’servers last 30% longer than typical servers.

40% Cheaper HDDs

Because Submersify’s operating environment eliminates vibrations, commercial grade hard disks are not required. Hard disks last longer too in a vibration free environment.

Dust Free Operations

Air cooled data centers facilitate dust accumulation in hardware cooling fans, causing overheating, which results in accelerated aging hardware and pose a fire hazard. Dust particles can also decrease communication speed up to 40%, as they may accumulate in Fiber optic connectors. Submersify is a 100% dust free environment with 5 year old servers looking brand new in our sites.

Noise Free Operations

Noise in a conventional data center can reach up to 90db due to the fans and cooling which with prolonged exposure can cause tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears) which is untreatable. Submersify data centers are so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. Even if our customers opt not to remove or disable the server fans, the noise levels are muted and not audible. Normal conversations are 60db.

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