The Game Changing Technology

Submersify is a modular end-to-end fluid submersion data center cooling solution. No, we do not use white mineral oil which is derived from unsustainable and unrenewable petroleum and which is classified by the World Health Organisation as a toxic carcinogen. We have developed a cutting edge coolant designed specifically for IT devices that allows any OEM server, switch, firewall or router to be submersed in our coolant.

Air is a poor heat conductor. Our coolant is 1356x more efficient than air producing a PUE of 1.046. Cooling energy is cut by 90% because it take a lot less energy to keep the coolant cool. Another 15% energy is saved by removing fans on the servers. Fans are not needed in a fluid submersed environment. Submersify support rack densities of up to 118KW with high flash and fire points of > 300°C. It is absolutely safe for humans whilst being renewable, sustainable and bio-degradable. Only basic flooring and standard fire protection is required and it works indoors or outdoors.

How Cost Effective Is This?

Very! It costs substantially less to deploy a Submersify site as we do away with chillers, CRACs, raised flooring and other air cooling equipment. Total data center energy consumption is 50% less. Maintenance costs is 76% lower. We are the most cost efficient offering in the world today. Our solution includes the racks, coolant, pumps, filters, heat exchangers, piping and exaporative cooling tower. A variety of leasing options available alongside with outright purchase.

What Does Your Site Need?

Essentially all you need to prepare is a roof and power. Submersify is designed to be deployed in any type of climatic condition anywhere in the world from the harshest deserts to humid tropical islands. Do away with raised flooring and any type of air cooling equipment by deploying an Submersify site. The prospects for cost effective site selection is excellent with Submersify being able to be deployed in a warehouse type building to standard ISO shipping containers.

How Long Will It Take To Deploy?

We will deploy racks and cooling infrastructure at your site within 8 weeks of order confirmation. Just add power and bandwidth and you data center is ready to operate. With our modular systems, you can ramp up capacity easily and cheaply with a new rack being able to go online in just an hour.

Which Servers Are Compatible?

Any OEM manufacturer’s server works flawlessly in our system. We have used Dell, HP, IBM, ASUS, TPLINK and CISCO servers, routers,switches and firewall in Submersify since 2011. Our Submersify Enterprise Servers which are fluid submersion ready and with warranty are extremely popular with customers as we have a range of low end to high end servers specifications which costs 40% less than other brands.

What Are The Maintenance Requirements?

The Submersify coolant lasts the lifetime of the data center. Rejuvenation of the coolant is done once a year to keep the system operating optimally at Tier 4 levels. This process is non obstructive without downtime and can be done within 15 minutes per rack. The filter in the pump module requires to be changed once a year without any downtime. Some basic cleaning and descaling may be required for the evaporative cooling tower periodically. Servers can be pulled from the rack and place on maintenance rails which allow coolant to drip back into the rack. Engineers may choose to use gloves whilst working in the servers but since the coolant is non toxic and easily washed off, most operators do not wear gloves.

What Is The Warranty And Support Provided?

The Submersify systems come with a one year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. A one year basic support plan is included which features 10 hours x 5 business days, Next Business Day, Onsite. The Submersify Enterprise Servers come with a 3 year basic hardware warranty repair which features 10 hours x 5 business days, Next Business Day, Onsite.

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