Data Centers Face Many Challenges

Data centers are expensive, unreliable and environmentally unfriendly. To build a complete data center costs $5000 per sqft and to then operate the data center annually costs $1200 per sqft. The space requirements are substantial coupled with long build times. In a typical data center, the cooling failure response time before catastrophic damage is 8 minutes. Annual server failure frequency rate amounts to 11% and dust is a common cause for technical problems. The noise levels of 90dB make data centers a noisy environment. The data center industry is in the top 10 industries that contribute the most to global greenhouse gases. Furthermore if the industry were a country it would rank as the fifth largest contributor to CO2 emissions in the world.

Our Smart Approach

We take air out of the cooling equation by fully submersing the IT equipment in our coolant and couple this with an innovative cost model. Data centers reduce capex by 100%, reduce opex by 50% and cut carbon emissions by 50%. All this whilst increasing server reliability, up-time and lifetime by 30%.

We Re-Write The Formula


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